Affirmative action is a two-sided sword

Something that has been bothering me for years, is the implementation of this concept “AA”.

I actually have no problem with its necessity (We will also forget for the moment that places like Poland were overrun many times but just picked up the pieces afterwards and got on with life without AA). I have no problem with making a reasonable contribution and although only 2nd generation SA, without doubt I still benefited. I have no problem supporting that   those with history going back further may have made fortunes on the back of blacks and clearly there are issues relating to eg land distribution that need urgent redress.

In fact one of the problems we have is that we have not yet reconciled these issues and paid our dues. It is way past the time to do so Continue reading Affirmative action is a two-sided sword

Some thoughts on renewables / nuclear trade offs

Although I’m an electrical engineer I’m writing here about something which is for me more an area of interest rather than as an area of specialisation. But I can still identify obvious high level engineering trade-off studies that need to be done before we commit this country to a technology that will be obsolete decades before it is completed (my fellow engineers in this domain could do the calculations and probably have; we engineers are notoriously poor marketers of our ideas and even worse politicians so the truths are easily ignored ) . And this fixation on nuclear seems a little strange considering the PBMR project was canned only a few years ago! I’m not sure of the reasons and rationale but a trillion Rand could have been useful to turn us into an exporter of nuclear solutions and employed many engineers and technicians.

The tremendous strides in the renewables wind, Silicon panels and solar concentrators, as well as batteries, coupled with geography blessing us with umpteen hours of sunshine annually make it difficult to believe that Continue reading Some thoughts on renewables / nuclear trade offs